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Baylor Bears vs. SMU Mustangs 2014

Baylor's 3-4: The Defense That Killed SMU

On Sunday, Baylor threw a modified 3-4 defense at SMU that the Mustangs simply could not figure out. The success of that defense could be key to Baylor's hopes this year.

Trench Warfare: SMU

Let's give the big boys up front some love.

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Baylor vs. SMU Gigapixel

Find and tag yourself!

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Mustangs are boring, thrilling

SMU has been basically the same team for most of the last five years, and despite some key players/coaches leaving, should be pretty similar again in 2014. Does June Jones have a big run in him at some point?

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McLane Stadium Opening Video

Yeah, it's vertical and crappy quality, but it's better than nothing.

Baylor Football Cinematic Highlights vs. SMU

New thing they're doing this year, apparently. I like it.

Results - Baylor vs. SMU - Predict the Score

Congrats to this week's winner - FunkycoldMD

Shawn Oakman Isolated Video vs. SMU


Thoughts on Baylor vs. SMU and McLane Stadium

The world changed for Baylor Nation yesterday with the opening of a brand-new, gorgeous stadium unlike any in the country. Baylor Football came home.

THROWBACK -- The SMU Game's Place in Baylor Defensive History

Baylor's defense threw down a performance for the ages on Sunday night against June Jones and the SMU offense. Where does it rank in modern Baylor history?

Baylor vs. SMU: The Morning After

The opener at McLane Stadium was a spectacle to beyond. And then we played a football game.

Baylor Shuts Out Southern Methodist ... in .GIFs!

Forty-five to nothing, squat, zip, zero, nada, love, blank, curtis jerrells.

Tweets of the Night -- Baylor vs. SMU

When the opportunity presents, I like to immortalize a few of the better tweets with their own thread.

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Updated Flaming Bear Boat .Gif

Baylor Bears Blank SMU Ponies, 45-0

A great defensive performance may eventually be remembered for injuries to offensive stars Bryce Petty and Antwan Goodley. For now, we celebrate!

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RGIII is back at Baylor

College football misses you, RGIII.

SMU @ Baylor 2nd Half Game Thread

Things are going well...mostly.

Baylor vs. SMU Game Thread

Actual Baylor Football game action starts in just 30 minutes on Fox Sports 1, for those that aren't there. Enjoy the game thread!

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New uni combo for Baylor vs. SMU, black-green-black

Baylor vs. SMU GAME DAY -- Links, Notes, Tweets

McLane Stadium opens with a bang today. ODB has got you covered for everything Baylor vs. SMU.

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Baylor going with the black lids vs. SMU?

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Nick Pants' Baylor vs. SMU boat chase

Baylor vs. SMU Preview / Prediction Thread

We're just over 24 hours away from the start of Baylor's 2014 football season against the Mustangs of SMU. Will our Bears tear them asunder, or will the start be a little more muted than most expect?

Baylor vs. SMU Roll Call, TV/Radio/Watch Parties

How many ODBers will we have in the building on Sunday for the opening game against SMU?

ODB readers predict a big Baylor win on Sunday.

The participants in this week's Predict the Score predict a pretty ugly Baylor blowout win!

Finally: The SMU Preview Podcast!

Better late than never. Mark, Prashanth and Peter are back and it's GAME WEEK! We're previewing SMU (sorta), plus talking about Rami Hammad, our excitement about the new stadium and Community Feedback.

Preseason Wrap | SMU Preview Links/Notes

Baylor's opener is now just over 72 hours away, so it's time to take a closer look at what we've done so far and what yet remains.

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Dish Network and Fox Sports have reached an agreement

If you have Dish, you WILL be able to watch Baylor vs. SMU.

Baylor Injury Report: Lee/Jefferson/Chafin return

Through the fine folks over at ESPN1660 in Waco, Baylor fans received quite a bit of good injury news for Sunday's opener against SMU.

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June Jones talks Baylor, noise, and the SMU defense

First Look: SMU Mustangs

Baylor takes the field for the first time in the 2014-2015 season on Sunday night against the SMU Mustangs.

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DISH Network not airing FS1, Baylor vs. SMU

Might need to find a friend's house to watch the game, DISH customers. We will see if they can get it resolved.