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Watching the Polls: Baylor Holds Serve in Both Polls

The Coaches and AP polls are out, and Baylor holds firm at both at #4 and #5, respectively.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

The Coaches Poll is out, and the Bears held firm at #4 after a complete performance against Rice. The only movement in this week's ranking is a flipflop of Michigan State and TCU at 2 and 3. Ohio State looked more like Ohio State this week than last, while Ole Miss averted disaster against Vanderbilt, yet one coach still saw fit to give the Rebels a first place vote. Okay.

Oklahoma at 14, Oklahoma State at 19, and and West Virginia at 21 round out the Big 12's presence in the Coaches' Poll this week. Oklahoma State defeated Texas yesterday in a wild turn of events and West Virginia absolutely dismantled their Maryland rival at home. Thank goodness we don't face them in Morgantown this year.

UPDATE: We've now got the AP poll also, and the Bears are still #5 in that poll also. The only change to the Top 5 in that poll is that TCU is now #4 behind Ole Miss instead of being tied with them. I guess the win against Tech was less convincing than the Ole Miss victory over Vanderbilt, which makes little to no sense to me. Oregon drops out of the AP poll altogether, while they remain #25 in the Coaches' poll.

AP Coaches S&P+
1 Ohio State (45) Ohio State (61) Alabama
2 Michigan State (5) Michigan State (2) Florida State
3 Ole Miss (10) TCU West Virginia
4 TCU Baylor LSU
5 Baylor Ole Miss (1) Ole Miss
6 Notre Dame Georgia Clemson
7 UCLA Notre Dame Ohio State
8 Georgia LSU Oklahoma
9 LSU Florida State USC
10 Utah (1) UCLA Michigan
11 Florida State Clemson Georgia
12 Clemson Utah Notre Dame
13 Alabama Alabama Stanford
14 Texas A&M Oklahoma UCLA
15 Oklahoma Texas A&M Michigan State
16 Northwestern USC Wisconsin
17 USC Northwestern TCU
18 Stanford Wisconsin Baylor
19 Wisconsin Oklahoma State Duke
20 Oklahoma State Stanford Minnesota
21 Mississipi State West Virginia Florida
22 Michigan Mississippi State Penn State
23 West Virginia Florida Tennessee
24 Cal Cal (tie) Miami
25 Florida Oregon (tie) Texas A&M

As soon as the AP poll drops, we'll update this thread. What do you think of the rankings at this point?