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Meet The Press: Baylor Bears vs. Rice Owls

Starting our Rice Owls preparation with the weekly Monday Press Conference and Big 12 Teleconference. Come watch with us.

Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

Game Week again. Finally. After a pretty fun weekend of college football, we're all ready to get back into the rhythm of game week coverage, and we're starting it, as we always do, with the Meet The Press events. Briles will take the podium at 1 p.m. central time as the Bears prepare to face the Rice Owls on Saturday at 2:00 p.m.

Briles just spoke a little while ago on the Big 12 Coaches Teleconference, fielding questions regarding the fact that Baylor and teams coached by former Baylor Coaches comprise the top 3 in total offense thus far, recruiting, tight end involvement in the offense, and more. Here's the link to the main page for the teleconference, and there should be a link to the archives for each coach from there.

Here's the full thread for the Football official Twitter account, which will have all the updates that you're looking for this afternoon:

And finally, here's the link to the Press Conference, which will be airing at 1 p.m. Check it out, and we can talk about it.