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Statmilk Previews Baylor vs. Oklahoma State

The fine folks over at Statmilk have even more toys for you to play with leading into the final week of the CFB regular season.


I know I probably sound like an obsessed fanboy, but I have to say that I seriously enjoy infographics (such as the kind making SB Nation's GoodBullHunting one of the most popular blogs on the network) because of their ability to present information both effectively and in a way that makes people want to know it. It's much easier to communicate meaning with fancy graphics than it is the multi-column graphs I tend to love. I'm going to have to work on getting my own skills in that respect up to speed since I have had trouble finding Baylor fans willing to help out. If you had the skills I'm looking for, though, be sure to know I'd pay a pretty penny for your troubles.

That said, you should check out the latest from Statmilk on both this weekend's game and Baylor in general. They've updated a few of the things they do and I think it looks pretty snazzy. It's all based on absolute stats, though, and we've spoken at length with the problems there, but something is better than nothing. It's a tool to use in preparation, you have to decide for yourself how to use it.

On Baylor's end, I continue to be amazed at how well our offense performs in the second half. My strong belief is that the primary cause is our offensive pace. Combine a frenetic tempo with a strong offensive line and you get opposing defenses that are simply famished by the end of the game. The fact that we're giving up so many points in the second quarter is alarming but similarly unsurprising if you watch the games considering how awful we are at the end of the first half (WVU, OU, UT, even Iowa State).

Something else that is interesting is just how many offensive plays we've run in the first place and how they break down in terms of tendencies. Did you know going in that Baylor has a run/pass ratio of 53/47? I hadn't looked at it in a while, and those numbers have certainly gone up as our running game has improved in recent weeks, but I didn't think it had gone up that much. There was a point this season when we were looking at something like 56/44 pass/run.

As far as additional features go, I particularly enjoy the tool that lets you plot out where Baylor stands in transitive victories. Such victories are obviously meaningless, but they come up often enough in typical CFB conversation that it's useful information to have. Check this out!

Oregon --

Fresno State
Washington State