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Tweets of the Night: Baylor Wrangles Oklahoma State 35-24

Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, TWEETS OF THE NIGHT returns for Baylor's first conference win of the 2016 season.

For those of you not familiar with how this post goes, in Tweets of the Night, I attempt to give a recap of the game  through tweets (with some commentary added for context) that I find funny, informative, or otherwise awesome.  Because I try to keep it positive in here, I won't include things like, for example, the dozens of extremely creative and original dog jokes I got from OSU and TCU fans tonight every time Ishmael Zamora did something amazing on the field.  For the record, though, all of you tweeting those things at me are just hilarious. You should be proud of yourselves.


This was right after Baylor ripped off a 75-yard TD drive to start the game and go up 6-0 ... where we'd stay for more than 90 minutes due to a lightning delay. Nearly a two-hour lightning delay, but we never actually felt a drop of rain in the stadium, if you can believe it.


They were playing LSU/Auburn on the big screen to mixed reviews. I tried to spice things up a little bit.

Oh, yeah. We're having fun now.

Not a lot going on during the delay. Never did get a response to this, although someone apparently started a Kickstarter to pay for my bail if I tried it.

I can't tell if this picture was taken before the game or during the delay. Pretty, though.

McMurphy's got jokes, everybody!

Me, too!

If Twitter allowed 300+ character tweets, I could have kept going. Drake made an appearance, along with the minions. The Battle of the Blackwater showed up multiple times. I can't decide if this video was amazingly awesome or amazingly awful, but I'm leaning toward the former. If they post it anywhere, I'll post it here for you guys.

I thought I mis-heard this when they first announced it, but I didn't. The prize for throwing the ball through the plywood cutouts was really a Stihl chainsaw. I know when I was in school, the one thing I always found myself lacking was a good chainsaw. Good looking out, Stihl.

I think this was before halftime. Can't remember.

This was right after halftime, when OSU got the ball to start and didn't give it back for almost half the quarter. Gundy would say after the game that this was their plan, and they did a good job of it.

But that strategy is less effective when Baylor has guys like this that can make plays like this.

If I could do the eye emoji right now, I would.

This was the backbreaker for OSU. They drove down into our end twice for no points down just 28-24. It looked like Baylor might actually lose the game, particularly the second time. Then they fumbled on the 1/2 yard line going into the endzone, and we recovered, setting up the offense for a statement drive to ice the game. Seth Russell was fantastic on that drive, Ish Zamora crushed it again, and Chris Platt hauled in his second TD. Also on that drive (going to drop out of chronological order for just a minute)...

I feel like this has happened in a recent game, but I can't remember when.

Now we're getting into the celebrations...

She has a way with words.