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Baylor vs. Oklahoma State to REMAIN at 6:30 PM as scheduled

Per David Smoak at ESPN 1660, There's a conference call at 4pm to determine whether kickoff time for the game will change.

Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Moments ago David Smoak tweeted out the following:

There have been rumblings all afternoon that university officials are working with the Big 12 and the Fox networks to determine whether a reschedule is necessary for Saturday's matchup between the Oklahoma State Cowboys and your Baylor Bears. There are various different options being bandied about, including moving the game earlier in the day, later in the evening on Saturday night, or possibly even moving the game to Sunday morning. As soon as we have any additional information to share with you, we'll be updating this post.


The game will go on as scheduled at 6:30.  Repeat: the game WILL BE PLAYED at 6:30 TOMORROW NIGHT, Saturday, November 22, 2014.  Please tell everyone you know.

It's still possible that there is some kind of delay due to weather, but the game will remain as scheduled AT THIS TIME.