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Baylor Opens As A 24.5 Favorite Over Oklahoma State

I knew the line would be big, but dang.

Brett Deering

It's finally game week once again for your Baylor Bears, which means it is time to look at the betting lines from Vegas. For the inaugural #EveryoneInBlack game at McLane Stadium, the boys in black are favored to win by a whopping 24 to 25 points, depending on your source. That's three touchdowns and a field goal.

The Bears will be out looking for revenge from last year's debacle in Stillwater as well as looking to make their case for the Playoffs. With Baylor boasting one of the best offenses and defenses in the Big 12 and Okie State bringing in one of the worst offenses, this one could get ugly really quickly. My prediction is that Baylor lights up the scoreboard and wins, 60-14. has all the lines you want.

Other notable lines:

Texas Tech (-3) at Iowa State

K-State at WVU is a toss-up, it appears

Vanderbilt at Mississippi State (-30.5)

Indiana at Ohio State (-30)

Kansas at Oklahoma - No line

Ole Miss (-2) at Arkansas

Colorado at Oregon - No line

USC at UCLA (-3)