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Baylor Bears vs. Oklahoma State Cowboys 2014

Our Daily Podcast and the Giant Foot

Recorded Sunday night, we're talking about the win over Oklahoma State, the weather impact, some stuff about the College Football Playoff, and much more.

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Study Hall: Baylor-Oklahoma State

Advanced stats from Baylor's 49-28 win over Oklahoma State on Saturday in Waco.

Featured Fanshot

Shawn Oakman named Big 12 Defensive Player of the Week

I feel bad for everyone that didn't get to see his last sack/strip on TV because of the lightning. It was a sight to behold.

Featured Fanshot

Shawn Oakman sweeps the leg on Mason Rudolph

Baylor vs. Oklahoma State -- THE MORNING AFTER

Baylor returned to action in extremely rainy conditions last night to knock off Oklahoma State 49-28 and lead by 14 for all but the first few minutes of the game. Will it be enough?

Final: Baylor Bears pummel OSU Cowboys, 49-28

Another convincing win for your Baylor Bears...

Halftime: Oklahoma State 14, Baylor 28

Just. Keep. Winning.

Baylor Bears vs. Oklahoma Stt Cowboys Game Thread

It's time. Assuming there aren't severe weather delays, that is. Let's talk about the Bears!

Baylor vs. OSU -- GAME DAY

For a lot of reasons, today could be a pretty crazy day.

Baylor vs. Oklahoma St Preview/Prediction Thread

Baylor faces off against Oklahoma State on Saturday at 6:30 p.m. CST, and it's time for a Blackout.

BU vs. OkSt Will NOT Be Postponed

Per David Smoak at ESPN 1660, There's a conference call at 4pm to determine whether kickoff time for the game will change.

Baylor vs. Oklahoma State Advanced Stats Preview

What F/+, FEI, & S&P+ have to say about this Saturday's game between Baylor and Oklahoma State.

ROLL CALL! Baylor vs. Oklahoma State

Baylor fans will black out McLane Stadium on Saturday at 6:30 p.m. (weather permitting). Where will you be watching the game? #EveryoneInBlack

Podcast: Oklahoma State Preview

We're podcasting LIVE at 9:30pm CST. Come join us for fun!

Everyone In Black! New Official Hype Video

If this doesn't put your mind on Saturday and get you hyped, I don't know what will.

First Look: Oklahoma State Cowboys

After what seems like a decade, the Bears return home to McLane Stadium, which will be Blacked Out for Oklahoma State. It's time to take a First Look at the Cowboys.

Meet the Press: Baylor vs. Oklahoma State

It's Game Week! Mondays mean Art Briles and Baylor Football will address the media regarding their upcoming opponent, the Oklahoma State Cowboys.

Baylor Opens As A 24.5 Favorite Over OSU

I knew the line would be big, but dang.

Featured Fanshot

Baylor vs. Oklahoma State will be a NIGHT GAME

Buy your black now if you don't still have it.