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Baylor opens as double-digit favorite over Oklahoma State in Stillwater

Some disagreement among the major betting services just how much of a favorite Baylor should be over Oklahoma State, but the results are generally the same: we're a double-digit favorite in Stillwater for the first time in history.

Ronald Martinez

Depending on which online service you prefer, the Bears opened as anything from an 11 to a 13-point favorite over the Oklahoma St. Cowboys for the game this coming Saturday. Oddsshark has the line at -13 for the opening, though they are saying that without any of the major books reporting yet. VegasInsider had the opening at -11.

Regardless where it started, there's been obvious movement toward Oklahoma State to the tune of a point or a point and a half. I think that's about right. Whether it was 11 or 13, that's too high for a game between two teams that seem to match up pretty well, especially in Stillwater in what will be one of the most intense atmospheres we've ever seen. Had I been making it, I'd probably put the line at Baylor -7 or -8, and that's where I expect this line will eventually stabilize. OSU has a lot of positive momentum right now, and Baylor's slow starts the last couple of games could make people hesitant on the Bears.

Other lines:

I'm interested to see that KSU is a 3.5-point favorite over OU.

What do you think? Let's say the line is Baylor -10 (for the sake of argument). Is that too high or too low?