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Baylor Bears vs. Oklahoma State Cowboys 2013

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Baylor vs. Oklahoma State averaged 6.6 million viewers

By far the most-viewed show in primetime on Saturday night.

OurDailyPodcast to brighten your day

Mark, Prashanth and Peter are here to bring some "perspective" to the Oklahoma State game. Unless you had perspective before, in which case Mark, Prashanth and Peter are here to tell you some nice things.

Baylor Falls to OSU ... in GIFs

Because we all need some levity right now.

Thoughts on Baylor's Loss to OSU and 9-1

In the immediate aftermath of last night's loss in Stillwater, I had almost too much going on in my head. Now things are in a bit more order.

Baylor vs. OSU -- The Morning After

If you want nothing to do with the disaster last night in Stillwater, this post is not for you.

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The Good, the Bad, and Ugly of BU in Stillwater

I'm sitting in a hotel room in Cushing, Oklahoma, about a half an hour away from Oklahoma State University. Before I began typing this, I let out a sigh and ran my hand through my hair, not quite sure of what to say.

Perfect No More -- OSU Dominates Baylor 49-17

The perfect dream of the perfect season and a shot at the national championship is over. Clint Chelf and the Oklahoma State Cowboys dominated the Baylor Bears tonight on national television.

Halftime: Oklahoma State 14, Baylor 3

This post looks a lot different after the last drive of the first half than it otherwise would. After a half mostly dominated by Oklahoma State, we finally got on the board.

Baylor vs. Oklahoma State Game Thread

We're now an hour out from the Baylor game tonight and I just couldn't wait any longer. Plus, the Open Thread is getting a bit cumbersome.

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Baylor Uniforms vs. Oklahoma State

Baylor busting out the black-white-black combo.

Baylor vs. Oklahoma State GAME DAY!

Baylor fans are all over College GameDay this morning. Let's talk about it!

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This Moment

Clear eyes, long sleeves, can't lose.

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All of the recent Baylor Hype Videos in one place


Podcasting The Oklahoma State Preview!

Come listen as Amy and Fank join Mark and Peter for a long-winded podcast that should be a lot of fun to listen to, if it's anywhere near as fun as it was to make.

Baylor vs. Oklahoma State Preview / Prediction

In just over 48 hours, the Baylor Bears will vie with the Oklahoma State Cowboys for Big 12 supremacy on ABC. The crowd will be crazy, the atmosphere electric. Will the Bears pull it off?

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OSU vs. Texas 2013

Last week's game between OSU and Texas, in case you didn't get a chance to see it live.

Baylor vs. Oklahoma State Stats Preview

So we come again to the Biggest Game of the Year for the Bears, just two weeks after our last BGOTY. The state from which our opponent comes is the same, but the team is different. Here come the Oklahoma State Cowboys.

First Look: Oklahoma State

Baylor's Game of the Century of the Year has arrived. Our Bears will travel to Stillwater this weekend for a showdown with the #10-ranked OSU Cowboys. It's going to be an atmosphere unlike any other we've seen this season.

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ESPN Hype Video for Baylor vs. Oklahoma State

Might have just peed myself a little.

Baylor's Options in the Absence of Drango

Going into its biggest game of the season in Stillwater on Saturday, Baylor will have to deal with the loss of its starting LT, Spencer Drango. Options abound for replacing him in the short-term, but which is best?

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OSU Students announce Orangeout vs. Baylor

Ok. That'll be fun.

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Quotes from today's Meet the Press for Oklahoma State

Should be updated quickly with video from the press conference.

Are You Not Entertained?

A new hype video for the final stretch - the most important in Baylor history.

Baylor opens as double-digit favorite over OSU

Some disagreement among the major betting services just how much of a favorite Baylor should be over Oklahoma State, but the results are generally the same: we're a double-digit favorite in Stillwater for the first time in history.

Baylor vs. Okie State set for 7 PM on ABC

If you were hoping for a GameDay appearance at the Oklahoma State game a week from Saturday, your chances of being happy just got a lot better.