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Week 11 CFB and Bears-Sooners Prediction Thread!

SB Nation has a ton to offer CFB fans on this glorious Saturday morning. Vote in the poll below!


First and foremost, here's the Super Stream for today's CFB action. I've put it on the front page here to give better access to all of SB Nation's CFB coverage.

There's a lot of CFB action going on today, so you're going to need a complete schedule and a viewing guide courtesy of Andy Hutchins. He's prioritized your viewing options throughout the day in case you're a Saturday vegetable like I am.

The biggest game today is arguably Alabama hosting Texas A&M, and both Bill Connelly and Bud Elliott have posts discussing that game. Elliott's also provides picks for the remainder of today's big games. For his part, Bill C focuses on how Alabama will need to adjust to A&M's pace just like Florida did in order to rein in Johnny Manziel.

Finally, Bill C broke down the rest of the week's games in terms of which teams are on upset watch. Kansas State and Oregon fans are probably not going to be crazy about their respective inclusions.

In case you missed our coverage here, everything Baylor vs. OU is localized in one place just as I've done in weeks past.

Now vote in the poll!!