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Baylor vs. Oklahoma Set for 11 AM OR 7 PM on FOX

You can have a sandwich from the garbage or the filet, your choice.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: OCT 30 Texas at Baylor Photo by John Rivera/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The Big 12 released what it has of next week’s TV schedule a few minutes ago, and it isn’t much.

The most important game on the schedule is obviously Baylor vs. Oklahoma, which could either be set for 11 AM on FOX or prime time at 7 PM. Since OU is off this week, this means that if Baylor beats TCU, we’re getting the prime time game against OU at McLane. If we won’t, 11 AM it is.

Simple game time aside, there’s something else that could be riding on the outcome of the Baylor-TCU game: whether we host College GameDay for the third time in our history (second time against OU) the following week. If Baylor beats TCU, it sets up a matchup of 9-0, Top-5 Oklahoma against 8-1, probably near Top-10 Baylor on November 13. Here is the full schedule of FBS games for that week. Unless College GameDay did something really weird, they’re probably coming to that game (again, assuming we beat OU). The only other viable alternative is Texas A&M vs. Auburn with both being ranked in the teens.

So there’s a lot riding on this TCU game, is what I’m saying.