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Baylor vs. Oklahoma — GAME DAY — Links, Notes, Saturday Open Thread

Getting ready for that first Big 12 contest of the season, you guys.

NCAA Football: Baylor at Duke Mark Dolejs-USA TODAY Sports

Your Baylor Bears will take the field at McLane Stadium in about four hours in another #BlackOUt game against the Oklahoma Sooners looking for a huge upset win, and we will be here on ODB should you like to join us.

At this point the Bears are a 28-point underdog, meaning this would be one of the biggest upsets of the season should we be able to pull it off. I’m not holding my breath on that, but I am confident that we’ll see a better team this week than we did last week, and that’s all we can really ask for in a clear rebuilding year.

It would still be pretty awesome to win, though, even if it means I have to get a tattoo. That would be one heck of a way to turn a season around.

Week 4 college football schedule: TV, streaming, best games to watch -
Streaming info and other viewing basics, all sorted to make it easy to spot the likely best games in each time slot.

I’m sitting in my living room watching A&M and Arkansas play at Jerryworld on ESPN, but I think the rest of the day will play out as follows:

  • 2:30 CT — TCU vs. Oklahoma State on ESPN. Okie State is apparently down two starting OL for today’s game per reports this morning, so this one could be more interesting than I would have otherwise thought (I really like the Cowboys).
  • 3:00 CT — Michigan vs. Purdue on FOX. We should know how this one will go pretty early, I think. Michigan could come out and punch Purdue in the mouth, or they could let the Boilermakers stick around. Purdue’s offense under Jeff Brohm is very intriguing.
  • 5:30 CT — Baylor vs. OU on Fox Sports 1. Clearly.
  • 6:00 CT — Mississippi State vs. Georgia on ESPN. I might have this one up on the second TV while we play because I’m interested if MSU can keep their momentum going.
  • 9:00 CT — Washington vs. Colorado on ESPN? Not a great night with Penn State-Iowa leading the way. Yuck.

Uniforms for Today — BLACKOUT, BABY!

So far I’ve gotten one “why don’t we wear green and gold”-type tweet, which is about what I expected. I’m sure the Facebook page is alternating between love and hate, though, as it is wont to do.


I’m not sure how much needs to be said about this one that hasn’t been already; Baylor will have to play by far its best game of the season to have even a chance to win and OU will have to play pretty poorly. They’re a 28-point favorite for a reason.

What that means specifically is this: we need the offense to come through as it hasn’t since the Liberty game, which was against Liberty. Zach Smith will have to be mistake-free or near to it, Terence Williams will have to be the difference-maker we all hope he can be, and most importantly, the offensive line has to be significantly better than it has been against UTSA and Duke. If we have gadget plays we love or tricks that we think could work, we need to use them early to get OU off-balance and relieve some pressure.

At the same time, the defense has to continue building on what it’s shown against those two teams, particularly in the pass rush. If we let Baker Mayfield stand on his spots, he’ll kill us. If we let him run free, he’ll kill us. Our rushers have to be disciplined and effective to let a secondary bolstered by the return of Grayland Arnold have a chance. Eric Ogor and Clay Johnston will have to play out of their minds to help stop the run and rein in Mayfield, and someone on the defensive line will have to step up against a really good OU OL.


Looks like most of the links have already been clipped in DBRs, so we’ll skip right to the tweets.


#SicEm. We can hang out here until the Game Thread goes up.