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Baylor Suspends RB Coach Jeff Lebby for Half of OU Game; Big 12 Issues Public Reprimand

Rather an interesting (and reasonable) result in the wake of "Sidelinegate" involving RB Coach Jeff Lebby.

Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

A few minutes ago, the Big 12 issued a public reprimand of Baylor RB Coach Jeff Lebby for being on the sideline at the OU vs. Tulsa game this past Saturday.  In case you missed that whole brouhaha, we talked about it extensively on Monday.  Because the reprimand itself is extremely brief, I'll just post it here in its entirety:

"The opportunity for Coach Lebby to scout a future opponent by being on the sideline of a conference member’s opponent is inconsistent with the principles and expectations of the Big 12 Sportsmanship and Ethical Conduct Policy," stated Bowlsby. "I appreciate the action of Baylor athletics director Ian McCaw in addressing this matter and accept the University’s self-imposed penalty."

That last part is the most intriguing aspect, since we weren't previously aware of any self-imposed penalty.  Apparently, we suspended Lebby for half of the OU game on 11/14 and self-reported a violation of the bylaw at issue here.

So, if you were waiting for a Baylor Friday News Dump (TM), it doesn't appear that we're going to get one, after all.  Instead, Lebby will be suspended for the first half of the OU game, and we'll all go on with our lives.*

*Unless the NCAA steps in, which is possible?