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Meet the Press: #BlackOUt vs. Oklahoma and College GameDay

It's Monday, and that means we're overflowing with Big 12 conference call and Meet the Press info.

Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

If you don't like 11 AM games, I have bad news (which is already on the front page, in case you haven't seen it):

As happy as I am that we will actually be playing that weekend (TCU won't, by contrast), that marks our fourth 11 AM game out of twelve in the regular season.  For a team that has been in or near the Top 5 for the entire year.  Whatever.

Immediately preceding that news, was this:

So our game against OSU could be on any of four channels at any of four times.  My elementary school math tells me there's 16 possible channel/time lineups for a game that is being played in less than two weeks.

Other Twitter Stuff:

Unlike weeks past, there wasn't that much to report from the Big 12 conference call this morning.  At least nothing insightful and/or inflammatory, anyway.  Briles likes having College GameDay for obvious reasons, including what it does for Waco and his team's perception:

Speaking of perception, he also said this:

Which is interesting.

Twitter Feeds:

As always, the respective Twitter feeds of the two schools, starting with OU:

And Baylor:

Also, in case it heads down the page somewhat in the widget above, hit up the Briles presser at 1 PM Central.