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Baylor vs. Oklahoma -- GAME DAY -- Notes, Links, TV Schedule, Game Time

I'm on the road already to Baylor's second appearance on ESPN's College GameDay, and I hope to see as many ODBers as possible in Waco!

Tom Pennington/Getty Images
4/3/6 BAYLOR (8–0, 5–0) vs. 12/11/15 Oklahoma (8–1, 5–1)
Nov. 14, 2015 | 7 p.m. CT
Waco, Texas | McLane Stadium (45,140)

Watch | Listen | Gametracker Gametracker | Game Notes Notes

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SPREAD: Baylor –3 (Open: Baylor –7)
TV COVERAGE: ABC, 7:00 p.m. CST Saturday
Possible rain, high of 62°, ESE winds 5–10mph (wunderground puts game time temp at 56°) Oklahoma Preview Preview
Bears vs. Sooners Coverage

The Big News:

College GameDay, of course!  An Open Thread for the premier CFB show on TV will go up in about an hour here on ODB, and all are welcome to post signs, gifs, videos, or whatever else from the festivities in Waco.  Because I will be at GameDay, I probably won't be all that active in the thread.  Any contributors who can, please update the post as you see fit with new information!

Advanced Stats:

Take a gander while you've got a chance over at PPeter's Advanced Stats post this week.  According to FootballOutsiders, this one is about as close as it gets!



OU (8-1)


Overall F/+ Rk 10 (41.9%)
6 (45.6%)
Overall FEI Rk 15 (.182)
9 (.199)
Overall S&P+ Rk 7 (18.1)
24 (19.5)
Field Position Advantage 63

Yes, you are reading that correctly; Baylor is actually the underdog by all three major stats.  OU is good, you guys.

Weather Report:

After watching the chance for game-time rain drop for most of the week, the weather report is actually starting to move somewhat the other direction.  Now, according to, the chance for rain tomorrow tops out at 50% right at 8 PM, when the game should be in full swing.  That's not a tremendous chance, but it's still a chance.  The temperatures should be in the 50s/60s all day long.

Thoughts on the Game:

I didn't get a chance this week to do a full-blown Preview/Prediction post, so I'll share a Keys to the Game here:

  • Stop the Run: The combination of Samaje Perine and Joe Mixon could be the best Baylor plays all season unless we face Alabama somewhere along the line, and OU will try to use them to great effect considering the weakness we've shown on the ground.  If Baylor is going to play well defensively, it has to put the game in Baker Mayfield's hands, as weird as that may sound.  We can't let Perine and Mixon just gash us to death on the ground through sustained drives.
  • Rush the Passer: OU has had serious difficulties protecting Mayfield this season, and when their offense has struggled, that's why.  Get pressure on Mayfield to force mistakes and get the Sooner offense off-schedule, and things will be a lot easier.  This is the game where Shawn Oakman and/or Jamal Palmer need to show what they can do.
  • Protect Jarrett Stidham: OU is going to come after him hard on passing downs to make him beat them.  It's what I'd do.  There's two ways to combat that approach: 1) avoid passing downs in the first instance (by moving the ball well on standard downs), and 2) protect him when they do.  I would expect to see a lot of dump off passes, particularly early, and our version of max protect (with the RBs and/or LaQuan McGowan) when we need to go deeper.  I would also expect to see the ball come out quickly, especially if Mike Stoops hasn't learned his lesson from a year ago.

I have little concern that Baylor's offense is going to perform well in front of a home crowd and that Corey Coleman will continue his assault on the all-time NCAA receiving TD record.  At the same time, I hope/think that home crowd will make a real difference in Baylor's favor when OU has the ball, and the Bears will pull out a huge win over their first ranked team of the season.

My Prediction: Baylor 45, OU 31.

It's what I told the OU SBNation site (linked above) on Friday, and I'm sticking with it now!


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