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Campus Chronicles 12: Back in Black

lord.hinton and jpbales are hyped for Gameday and the #BlackOUt this week. Are you ready?

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Tonight you're mine completely. You give your love so sweetly. Tonight the light of love is in your eyes. Will you still love me tomorrow? Is this a lasting treasure or just a moment's pleasure? Can I believe the magic of your sighs? Will you still love me tomorrow?
Hellooooooooooooooooooo Baylor Nation. Welcome back for another week of Campus Chronicles with me and jpbales! You all know that campus has been abuzz with College Gameday and the 12th-ranked Oklahoma Sooners making their way to Waco for Saturday's #BlackOUt game.
It's lit.
It's more lit than it's ever been. And we're ready. Let's get into it.
Jam of the Week

Any Scandal watchers in the house? Man that scene where they played this song was good.

jpbales's week

What’s up Baylor nation? Are you ready for OU? I know I am. The Blackout is going to be littttttttttt! Gameday is going to be crunk! And campus has been live! Let’s jam about it.


On Saturday, I went to my sisters to watch the day’s slate of games since there was an absence of Baylor football games to attend. :( Here’s a rule my family for some reason made, as soon as I get there, they make cookies, a lot of cookies. I ate fifteen, FIFTEEN COOKIES. Which was made worse by the fact that my niece kept count and gave me updates on my gluttony. "Hey uncle Patrick, you ate 9 cookies." - my mean girl niece Elle playing the part of the other Gap girls, leaving me to play Chris Farley. Anyways, watching the TCU- Oklahoma State game was terrifying and for all Baylor fans who were celebrating that game. Ummmm we play there in two weeks. Pride goeth before a fall and what not. Not to mention the last time we won in Stillwater, my grandpa was too young to buy cigarettes and booze. I mean they let him because it was 1942, and they had no rules, but still. That night, I went to play basketball instead of watching LSU- Alabama cause SEC football is not for me.


My Sunday routine- 10:30 Church, 12:00 Lunch (usually Canes), 1:00 Cry about drop in rankings, 2:00 sad nap. This is every Sunday.


Business Law, I had homework I had literally known about for two weeks that I did the morning before class because that’s how I do. Then I went to my last geology lab where I found an important science question without an answer. What happens when you mix red and green? No one knows and you can’t convince me that there’s an answer. Also, there was a new Rocket League update and it was fantastic. I’m pretty sure to celebrate the Rocket League update, Tren’Davian Dickson came to his senses and flipped back to Baylor. Which means that when Jarrett Stidham throws touchdown passes to him, we’ll be Flipped Commit University and I’m totally chill with that.


Dex and I MURDERED a marketing presentation, our teacher almost ended the class. It was like Rabbit’s last rap battle in 8 mile. She literally said, "Does anyone want to ask a question so they can be put in their place like I was?" I also hooped and left as Isaiah Austin showed up to end fools and run court. Sometimes it’s knowing when to fight.


Business Law test at 9:00 A.M., I begged and pleaded for a body clock curve since it was so early but to no avail. Then I had to go to Baylor’s evil twin, the Cashier’s office. It’s a cold, dark place that Christianity hasn’t reached yet I assume. Also my roommates bought a $10 deep fryer and I ran into Dex at Chick Fil-A. Which was dope, for anyone wondering Dex got a free chicken sandwich, so I’m super jealous.


Tested out of MIS 1305 like a boss, then in my marketing class we made paper airplanes, like 300 of them. After asking, my class kindly donated them to me so that I was able to throw every single one of them in my roommate’s room. It was amazing. Lastly, I found out Josh Doctson was hurt for the season and then not. So I’m happy for his speedy recovery. Then at night I went to think of Gameday signs, my best idea so far, "Big 12 Refs think Miami-Duke went great."

Anyways peace Baylor nation. Wear black, stay the whole game, and get turnt!

lord.hinton's week

If y'all didn't gather it during jpbales's recap, I'm Dex.

Anyway most of this week was spent just waiting for the days to be over so we could get one more sleep down on the way to Friday. Today begins what could be one of the greatest weekends of my life. Tonight I'm headed up to Dallas to see Chance the Rapper perform on the Family Matters tour. He is one of my favorite artists and I've been told he gives a great show so I'm EXTREMELY excited.

"But lord.hinton, won't you be too tired to #GetUp4Gameday if you go to the concert tonight?"

No sir. As soon as I get back in Waco tonight I'm headed out to McLane to meet up with one of my coworkers who has been camping out since noon today and I will be at Gameday! I went last year and had a lot of fun so I'm really excited to get back out there.

Then after that I'm going to lunch with Matt Tenant, Darthbear, Matt McBeezy, and Kimbo Smash! Then probably a nap. Then I'm going to go tailgate with Student Foundation at the game and then going to LOSE MY FIRE TRUCKING MIND at the #BlackOUt game.

All week I've heard people express nervousness about this game because of our defense and OU is so good and blah blah blah.


Baylor hasn't lost at home since before I started going to school here. I'm a Junior. We're a different animal here in Waco. A fast-paced, high-scoring, no-mercy-having animal. And we got this. All the players here at the Domain sound like they're ready for war against OU and I think we will win somewhat comfortably.


I was ready for OU. And worked on a presentation for marketing with JP and the squad. We played Call of Duty. It was good times.


I was ready for OU. And wrecked that previously mentioned Marketing presentation.


I was ready for OU. And my Employment Law test.


I was ready for OU. And #TGIT. I love me some Scandal and How to Get Away with Murder. Bellamy Young is my wife.



There you have it folks. Another week on Baylor's beautiful campus in the books! Hope you enjoyed it. As always leave any questions in the comments so I can answer em next week!

May the afar flung green and gold guide and protect us as we onward go down this Good Ole Baylor Line. See ya next week guys!