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OurDailyPodcast LIVE: #BlackOUt vs Oklahoma and GameDay in Waco

Kicking off at 9 PM tonight, we'll be talking Baylor vs. Oklahoma, GameDay in Waco, and maybe even a little shootyhoops should the mood strike us.

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In just a few minutes, this sentence will be replaced by a Google Hangout embed for tonight's OurDailyPodcast LIVE show.  So check back for that when it happens.

Until then, throw questions into the comments to help set up tonight's show.  Here's a few topics:

  • 'cruitin' -- Baylor is bringing in a TREMENDOUS group of prospects for this week's festivities, including four official visitors (so far), about two dozen elite 2016/2017 recruits, and even a couple of 2018ers, in case you needed to feel older.  The full list is available on BearsTruth if you are a subscriber.  Seriously, there are some IMPRESSIVE names on that list.  Guys we never would have gotten on campus as soon as a couple years ago.
  • Baylor vs. Oklahoma -- Clearly.  Refresh yourself with Peter's Advanced Stats Post from yesterday.
  • The WBB/MBB games Friday night. 
  • GameDay in Waco -- What are you looking forward to? Have you made a sign?
  • The CFB Playoff -- In case anger is your thing.

There you go.  Add/remove whatever you like!  See you guys at 9 PM.

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If Listening is your thing, well... Here you go!