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Twitter Reacts: The Best from Baylor's 48-14 win over Oklahoma

A selection of the best tweets (so far) about Baylor's big win in Norman.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Let's get this started.  As always, share your own favorites that I might have missed in the comments. For the record, there have been THOUSANDS of tweets about this game just since it ended.  By far the most I've ever seen.

We pick things up at halftime, when I started favoriting tweets.  I tried to go back before that just now and good gosh.

This was after Gottlieb trolled Baylor fans in the first quarter with #SameOldBaylor.

After the TD to start the second half.

Take that one with a grain of salt. Ian isn't the biggest fan of Oklahoma.

Honestly, this might be my favorite.

That makes it the worst home loss of the Stoops era.

Just saying.

Or that might be my favorite. I can't decide.

Couldn't just stop with the first part, could you, Kirk?

Oh, and...