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Meet the Press: Baylor vs. Oklahoma

It's Monday, and that means Art Briles and Baylor Football will have their weekly press conference about our next opponent: the Oklahoma Sooners.

Ronald Martinez

Baylor's game against the Oklahoma Sooners is slated for an 11:00 AM kickoff on FoxSports1 for this Saturday, an agonizing 5 days away.  Today, Monday, we have the weekly press conferences for the various Big 12 teams, as well as the conference call this morning involving all the coaches.  For more info from the OU side, here is their official twitter account:

You can also see Baylor's, which has been posting pertinent info all day, below:

Finally, if you want to watch the Meet the Press event scheduled for 1:00 PM CST, you can do so.  Hopefully, our fans here will snag any potentially juicy or funny quotes and share them in the comments:

I'm going to set the O/U on Briles "Ready for OU" quotes at 4.  What say you?