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Baylor Nation is #ReadyForOU

All morning, Baylor fans have been expressing their respective stages of readiness for OU on Twitter and social media. I can't be sure, but it appears that we ready.

"Hey, Mark, you really like this picture..." "Just ready for OU."
"Hey, Mark, you really like this picture..." "Just ready for OU."
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Before we begin, a short primer on the concept of readiness from The Honorable Archie Eversole, basically a Boy Scout when it comes to preparedness:

*ODB apologizes in advance should anything in this video be of an explicit or otherwise offensive nature, aside from the wanton disregard for multiple consonants found in Bubba Sparxxx' last name, because Bubba Sparxxx does what he wants, and it's not our place to judge.

Not that our education on the concept of True Readiness(TM) is complete, we should probably talk a bit about why we're here.  In his post-game press conference following this weekend's win over Kansas, Baylor QB Bryce Petty took a play out of Bill Belichick's playbook and answered "just ready for OU" or some variation thereof to every. single. question. asked of him.   It was what I would call a Tour de Force in intentional obfuscation, and I loved it.  OU fans are apparently not as happy, inexplicably construing his repeated statements of alacrity as some kind of slight.  Whatever.

That brings us to today, when #BaylorTwitter took to the TwitterVerse in solidarity to express their own ripeness for the Oklahoma Sooners with the hashtag #ReadyForOU.  A sampling of the finest:

And finally...

Happy Monday, everyone!  Also, vote in the poll below.