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ODB's Short Week Schedule for OU

Laying out the plan for the short week leading up to Baylor's Thursday night game against the Oklahoma Sooners. We only have 4 days to prepare, so we must be judicious.

Sarah Glenn

So this is the first week of the season where we won't be able to operate at our normal, lazy pace through the week.  Luckily, we also don't have a game from this past week to cover through the first few days, either, so that helps.  As you guys can probably attest, I generally follow a set pattern in the run-up to Baylor's games.  That pattern consists of First Look --> Stats Preview --> Preview/Prediction thread with the First Look falling on Tuesday.  Around those things fall Q&As with the opposing team's blog (when available), podcast posts, videos, and everything else.  Obviously we can't do that same thing this week.

Instead, this is how I see things happening, just so you guys can be aware:

TONIGHT: StoryStream for Baylor vs. OU (this post will be the start)
BCS Ranking Post (Shouldn't be a surprise, but maybe)
Podcast Recording w/ BearsTruth's Amy Pagitt (@AmyGPagitt and @APBaylor247)
MONDAY: First Look: Oklahoma Sooners
OurDailyPodcast Episode 16 referenced above
Maybe a .gif post if I can convince Ted one is necessary (it totally is, Ted)
SB Nation Selection Committee (from
TUESDAY: Stats Preview for Oklahoma
Week 11 Advanced Stats: Big 12 Conference
WEDNESDAY: Preview/Prediction Thread: Baylor vs. Oklahoma
Podcast Recording for Thursday vs. OU
Podcast Recording with Crimson And Cream Machine (I'll link to it when available)
THURSDAY: GAME DAY post for Baylor vs. OU
Game Thread for Baylor vs. OU
Game Recap
FRIDAY: Baylor vs. OU: The Morning After
Thoughts on Baylor vs. OU (since I'll be driving home late Thursday night)

These are just the regular features I'm planning to do as of this moment.  I hope to have updates about attendance/seating, reports from campus about how the students are feeling, etc.  If you have anything you'd like to see, please feel free to let me know.  Along the way, we'll have the normal DBRs, new posts, fanshots, and everything else.  Contributors, if you have something else you'd like to do personally, have at it.

This is going to be a great week for ODB and the Baylor Bears, so let's have some fun!

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