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Baylor is PULLING THE TARP for the OU game on November 7.

I will update this thread as more info becomes available, but as of right now, twitter is abuzz with the news that the Baylor Tarp will be GONE for the OU game on November 7.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

This is the news I teased a bit this morning in the DBR and was hesitant to report until it was official.  It is now.  Baylor just announced on twitter that the "This is Bear Country" tarp will be gone for the Thursday night game against OU next week.  Coupled with the earlier announcement that it will also be gone for Texas, that means we will never have another game at Floyd Casey with the tarp in place.

The Baylor Tarp is GONE. Long live the Tarp! Ian even chimed in.

I'm so excited!

Now you can buy tickets in the South Endzone for $38 for adults, $28 for children.  Buy those tickets!  Wear black!  BAYLOR IS PULLING THAT TARP!

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