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BLACKOUT vs. Oklahoma

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Sooners in a rut, but a nice rut

In terms of advanced stats, Oklahoma has ranked in the top 10 for six consecutive seasons. So why is Bob Stoops so feisty this offseason? And what the hell happened to the Sooners' defensive line?

Trench Warfare: Oklahoma Edition

Please welcome longtime ODBer immahammeru to the ranks of the contributors here on the blog! His first post is the weekly look at the performance of Baylor's offensive line against Oklahoma last Thursday night.

OurDailyPodcast with Solid Verbal's Ty H.!

Host of the Solid Verbal podcast Ty Hildenbrandt joins the show to help us recap the BlackOUt of Oklahoma, talk Big 12, Heisman, and much, much more. And oh yeah… He takes his medicine, too.

Baylor vs. Oklahoma Full Video

Someone asked on twitter where this might be, and here it is!

Thoughts on Baylor's BlackOUt of Oklahoma

A few somewhat random musings in the aftermath of Baylor's big win last night, beginning with the wildly successful #EveryoneinBlack campaign.

Baylor's Sooner Beatdown in .GIFs


Baylor vs. OU -- The Morning After

The next time somebody around you calls our defense "opportunistic," I want you to hit them in the face with a pie. Even if it's me. This defense is just plain good.

Old Baylor is dead. Long live New Baylor!

The win against OU was an amazing success. The Blackout was an amazing success. And the fan base proved that Baylor Nation is finally on board with this football team.

Sooner or Later: Baylor beats OU 41-12, now 8-0

Did Baylor cover? Yes.

Second Half Thread: OU , Baylor 10


Baylor vs. OU Game Thread

I'm too turntup to handle right now. I've reached Peak Turnt.

Pregame Open Thread -- Twitter Loves Baylor

I'm shortly to head out on the road to Waco and will be somewhat incommunicado, so here's where you guys can party it up heading into tonight's game. The Game Thread will go up at 6:00 PM CST.

Baylor vs. Oklahoma GAME DAY

It's finally here! Tonight, the Baylor Bears will take the field against the Oklahoma Sooners in front of a crowd covered in black! I can't speak in sentences that not ending in exclamation points!

OurDailyPodcast: It's BlackOUt Time!

It's Blackout Eve, and we've got a podcast to entertain you as you make your final preparations for the game!

Baylor vs. OU Preview / Prediction / Poll Thread

One way or another, the Baylor Bears will prove themselves to the doubters tomorrow. Hopefully, it will be as a legitimate power in the Big 12 and not a fraud. Time to make a call.

Full Video: Baylor vs. OU 2011

On the eve of tomorrow's game, relive both the first game in ODB history and that which catapulted RGIII onto the Heisman scene.

Featured Fanshot

Glasco Martin's message for those without black outerwear

Baylor vs. Oklahoma Stats Preview

Finally, we have another real game to talk about. Baylor is a double-digit favorite for Thursday's game against the Sooners, and there may be good reason for that. Let's look at the stats.

"This is Baylor Football" -- Official Hype Video

You just thought we had enough hype videos for our hype to form a sentient being capable of catching 4 touchdowns against OU on Thursday night. You just thought that. Now we have another!

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Eric Striker: Pass Rusher Extraordinaire

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First Look: Baylor Bears

This ain't your daddy's Baylor Bears

Baylor Depth Charts vs. Oklahoma

Throughout the past couple of days, I've had more than a few people ask me to do a post about Baylor's Depth Chart and how things shake out going into Thursday's game against Oklahoma. I am nothing if not obedient!

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Quotes from Briles, Petty, Dixon, and others

With video of today's Meet the Press media event in Waco.

First Look: Oklahoma Sooners

#6-ranked Baylor returns to action this Thursday evening on Fox Sports 1 against the dreaded invaders from the north: Oklahoma.

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Art Briles Presser for Oklahoma at 12:30

The customary Meet the Press with Baylor Head Coach Art Briles will take place today at 12:30 in Waco. Watch it live at the link above.

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How the Baylor Bears beat OU

With the biggest game of the season looming, our Bears will be looking to stay unbeaten and on track for their first conference championship and possibly a BCS title bid.

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Know Your Foe | Film Study | Baylor vs. K-State

Baylor Remains at #6 in 2013 BCS Rankings

With just two teams above Baylor in the rankings playing this week and the Bears themselves preparing for OU on Thursday night, there wasn't much chance for positive upward movement. Still, the Bears still managed to gain some ground.

ODB's Short-Week Schedule for OU

Laying out the plan for the short week leading up to Baylor's Thursday night game against the Oklahoma Sooners. We only have 4 days to prepare, so we must be judicious.

Baylor now 14-point favorite over Oklahoma

The lines for this Thursday's games have updated, and the Bears now own the biggest spread of any team over the Oklahoma Sooners in many years.

Baylor's Third Bye Week: The Morning After

For the most part, the Big 12 schedule yesterday played out as we expected. Oklahoma State made a statement, Texas "rolled" at home against Kansas, and Kansas State kept their momentum going. The only real surprise was TCU falling at home.

Buzz -- 6100+ Student Tickets Pulled!

If this is what the student support is now, SIX DAYS BEFORE the game. Then my oh my, this is going to be a fun one next Thursday. And you better believe all in attendance will #TURNTUP throughout the entirety of the game.