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Baylor vs. Northwestern State -- GAME DAY -- Links, Notes, TV Schedule, Thoughts, Poll

After a summer of wandering in the wilderness, Baylor Football returns to the field today to play a real game.

Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports
23/21 BAYLOR (0-0) vs. Northwestern State (0-0)
Sept. 2, 2015 | 6:30 p.m. CT
Waco, Texas | McLane Stadium (45,140)

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OPPONENT: Northwestern State Demons
Baylor vs. Northwestern State 2016
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Baylor vs. Northwestern State
Season Predictions
SPREAD: Baylor -47.5 (O/U 79)


We're playing football again!  Real football!  It's been a long time.  There's at least two notable injuries worth mentioning here, as well:

RB Johnny Jefferson -- OUT -- Unknown return at this point from an offseason foot injury and (maybe) other injuries sustained in a car accident.  Everyone is being very tight-lipped about things, but he's definitely not playing tonight. Expect Shock Linwood and Terence Williams to get the majority of carries in his absence.

NB Travon Blanchard -- OUT -- Still recovering from surgery a week or so again but supposedly, the news has been good with that recovery.  Could come back for SMU?  Pat Levels will get the start NB in his absence.


We didn't do that this week since anything we might show you (a) doesn't have Northwestern State in it due to the fact that they're an FCS school, and (b0 would be based entirely on preseason projections.  We'll get that ramped up next week, to be sure.


So much has happened since Baylor walked off the field after the Russell Athletic Bowl that I wouldn't fault you for saying this is almost a different program than the one we saw that night.  Sure, almost all of our coaches are still here, but the one that matters most, isn't.  We've lost a ton of guys to the NFL, graduation, forced departure, or voluntary departure since that point, and though Seth Russell is now back at the helm, nobody really knows what he's going to do. On defense, it looks like we will be shifting to a 3-man front as our primary alignment rather than something of a novelty, and we're going to do it undermanned across the line.  Basically, anybody that tries to say with any certainty who this Baylor team is or what they will do is either lying to themselves (and possibly you) or some kind of sorceror.

That being said, I feel confident saying that Baylor should win tonight's game easily.  That's not to take NW State lightly by any stretch or to downplay the issues I've already identified with depth, potential injuries, or actual injuries.  It is, instead, a reflection of the fact that despite losing those guys I mentioned above and having our recruiting class raided, Baylor still has a lot more talent than NW State, will be playing at home, and has an offense that should be among the best in the country if the offensive line can gel.  There's not a lot of specifics for this game in there, and I'm sorry for that, but I'm not sure what else to say.

What I'll Be Watching:

  • Demeanor -- As much as I hate it when people judge body language or try to draw conclusions off insignificant things they can't possibly know, I admit that I'll be watching to see how the team looks coming out tonight.  Since they last took the field, scandal has literally shaken the foundation of the program of which they are the most vital part.  They've lived with it every day.  Yes, they've said all the right things -- particularly Seth Russell, the undisputed offensive leader -- but now is when it matters again.  I want to see how they react to playing real football and how Jim Grobe as acting coach has them motivated for the game.
  • The Offensive Line -- For obvious reasons. My guess is that we see a ton of substitutions tonight across the OL, where things aren't exactly settled by all accounts.  Baylor has 8-9 guys that should rotate through various spots, and I'll be watching to see which unit/grouping seems to work best. 
  • The Linebackers -- Because of our lack of depth up front and the fact that we're moving to a 3-4 (at least, so we've been told and/or think), the linebackers are arguably the key to the entire defense this season, particularly in stopping the run.  I'll be watching to see how guys like Raaquan Davis and Thomas Cletcher do alongside Levels and Aiavion Edwards, as well as their backups like Eric Ogor and Jordan Williams.  Linebacker is a big key to the defense this year.
  • How Do We Start -- This circles back into the "demeanor" part above, but how we come out of the gate will show a lot about where this team is.  Sure, it's Northwestern State.  But do they come out fast and strong like the Briles Bears, or is it more timid and reserved?  I have to believe it'll be the former, but the latter isn't out of the question.  We just don't know.

My Prediction:

After a couple of early misfires offensively, Baylor eventually overwhelms Northwestern State and establishes a rhythm in the second half.

Baylor 56, Northwestern State 17.

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And that's about it. Happy Game Day, everybody!