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K.D. Cannon gifs vs. Northwestern State

In just his second collegiate game, Baylor freshman KD Cannon caught 3 touchdown passes ... in the first quarter.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

K.D. Cannon had himself a night to remember, connecting with QB Seth Russell 6 times for 223 yards and 3 TDs before halftime.  That's the second-most receiving yards in a single game in Baylor history, trailing only current Dallas Cowboy Terrance Williams' 2012 game against West Virginia (17 catches, 314 yards, 2 TDs).  Thankfully, through the wonder of the Internet, we have gifs for all three TDs (plus another amazing catch over the middle to covert 3rd and 28).

Cannon's first TD came 4 plays and 78 seconds into the game:

Personally, that was my favorite of the three TD passes, since Cannon had to recognize the ball in the air, come back for it, and then make an incredibly athletic play to catch it, stay in bounds, and get to the endzone.

I give it 7 cannons out of 10 for the push on the defender.

Cannon's second TD came two possessions later, after Northwestern State downed a punt at the 4, giving Baylor 96 yards between them and paydirt.  After catching a 15-yard pass to get out of the shadow of the endzone, Cannon went over the top down the right side of the field for an 81-yard score.

Though impressive in terms of yardage, Cannon didn't really do all that much on this play except run faster than I can imagine, catch the ball, and then give the defender a hilariously unreasonable hope at catching him before kicking into the same gear where Tevin Reese lives his life.

I give it 5 cannons out of 10 for sheer speed.

Cannon's third TD occurred on Baylor's last offensive play of the first quarter and again capped a scoring drive of less than a minute.  Interestingly, this one was not seen by most Baylor fans due to technical problems with the Fox broadcast, so this may be your first time witnessing it.

"Is he going to get there?  He's not.  He is!  HE DID!!!"

I give it 6 cannons out of 10 for the mystery and wonder.

The last catch gif tonight isn't a touchdown, but actually earned the highest cannon score of them all.  After the Demons scored the first points against the Baylor defense this year, Lynx Hawthorne took the ensuing kickoff all the way to the 41 yard line.  A Rashodrick Linwood 2-yard run on the next play gave Baylor a 2nd and 8.  If I recall correctly, a holding penalty then wiped out a long pass to Davion Hall, pushing the Bears back to 2nd and 18.  Two false starts and an incomplete pass later and it was 3rd and 28.  Then this happened:

That ... that is near-peak Cannoning.  The body control, the spacing, the athleticism.  It's all there.  And it came on an absolutely incredible throw.

I give this play an unprecedented 9 cannons out of 10.

That's quite a day for the young man who is turning heads across the country.