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Baylor Injury Report -- Corey Coleman, Antwan Goodley, and Devin Chafin all OUT vs. Northwestern State

Did you like seeing those freshman wide receivers against SMU Sunday? Good! Because you're going to see them again.

Ronald Martinez

On last night's now-lost podcast, someone (I can't remember who) made the comment that if Bryce Petty sits out Saturday's game against Northwestern State as is widely expected, you'll actually get a pretty good look at the 2015 Baylor Bears offense.  With the latest injury news courtesy of ESPN1660's Craig Smoak, that appears to be even more true than we expected.

So.... here's where we are:

  • QB Bryce Petty -- PROBABLY OUT -- Baylor says he'll play if he's 100%.  Bryce says he wants to play and that he'll be 100%.  Since I seriously doubt he'll be 100%, I doubt he plays.  Briles says it would have to be "pretty dramatic" for us to see him.  I'll take that as a no.
  • WR Corey Coleman -- PROBABLY OUT -- Lingering effects from a hamstring injury will keep the sophomore on the bench once again.
  • WR Clay Fuller -- DEFINITELY OUT -- But we knew that already.
  • WR Antwan Goodley -- PROBABLY OUT -- Did something to his quad early in the SMU game.  I've heard it was either a pulled muscle or some kind of generalized tightness. 
  • RB Devin Chafin -- PROBABLY OUT -- Can't buy a break for this guy.  Look for a lot of Rashodrick Linwood, Johnny Jefferson, and Silas Nacita against Northwestern State.

As far as we know, everyone else is healthy and/or ready to go.  That includes QB Seth Russell, who banged his hand on someone's facemask in the second half last week.  Thankfully, our defense doesn't seem to be missing anybody at this point.

I'm not kidding about those freshmen wide receivers.  We saw Davion Hall come in immediately after Goodley left last week, so I'd expect him to start this game.  K.D. Cannon may be in line to do so, as well, after his performance against the Ponies.