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Baylor Bears vs. Kansas State Wildcats Prediction Thread / Week 12 CFB

Everything to get you ready for Week 12 in CFB, including television notes, coverage from SB Nation, and, of course, a poll to predict the outcome of today's game!


Let's get right to it: today is another Saturday in the land of college football and SB Nation has every angle covered. Just a few things to check out...

The Complete College Football Schedule -- channel assignments, times, you name it. Your one-stop-shop for CFB television info.

Today's College Football News -- if something happens in a game today and you want more information, this is the place to go. Doesn't matter who it is, where they were playing, or why. If it's college football, it's here.

Week 12 CFB Megastream -- I put this up on the front page just so it would be visible, but here it is in case you want a direct link, too. Scores, news, outcomes, etc. It'll all be there in breaking news format.

Andy Hutchins' Viewing Guide -- always a popular feature to help you prioritize your viewing options. Don't worry about the fact that he doesn't list our game first in the 7 PM slot. I'm sure that was just an oversight, since everybody who is anybody will be watching that game.

Finally, the SB Nation CFB Home Page -- just in case you don't know you can click on the links across the top of every page and get there.