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Statmilk Previews Baylor vs. Kansas State

I had no idea Baylor was such a strong offensive team in the second half, to be honest with you. Hadn't looked at it closely enough.


Our new friends over at Statmilk have all of the previews up for this week's games, including Baylor vs. Kansas State. One thing I just noticed is that you can use the drop-down menus to add/subtract information from the default setup. Things like special teams that don't appear, or filters for the information that does, can drop knowledge right on your face. You should check it out.

One thing that jumps out at me is that Baylor has the potential to start quickly in this game given Kansas State's offensive scoring tendencies. If Baylor can get a lead, and that's a big "if" but stay with me, we might be able to force Kansas State into doing something they probably don't want to do: throw the ball to catch up. Their offense is built to play from ahead and punish opposing defenses, not play from behind. For a team that has basically dominated their entire schedule, getting down early could be a startling change, too. Make them doubt themselves while we simultaneously gain conviction in our own ability to win and we might have something.

I'm probably completely wrong, though, and it won't be close. The defensive numbers sure are troubling...