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Mike Singletary to be the Celebrity Guest Picker for College GameDay

David Smoak of ESPN 1660 Central Texas just confirm that Mike Singletary will be the guest picker.

Manny Rubio-USA TODAY Sports

David Smoak just confirmed what most had speculated to be the case: Mike Singletary, he of both Baylor Bears and Chicago Bears fame, will be the celebrity guest picker on Saturday for ESPN College GameDay. Others names that had been bandied about included Willie Nelson and Michael Johnson. Singletary is the most logical pick, given his background in football and his visibility within the sport.

Somewhat interestingly, Mike Singletary was the other primary name mentioned for the head coaching job that was filled by Coach Art Briles back in 2008. There were many alumni that felt he would be the best fit, but Athletic Director Ian McCaw felt that Briles was the better direction. Regardless of how folks feel about Singletary, McCaw unquestionably made the correct decision.

What do you think about Singletary as the Guest Picker? I think he'll be very good. Saturday morning can't come quick enough.