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Baylor Bears vs. Kansas State Wildcats 2014

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Study Hall: Baylor-Kansas State

Advanced stats from Baylor's 38-27 win over Kansas State on Saturday in Waco.

Podcast LIVE: ALL of the fallout!

We're going live tonight to talk about Back-to-back Big 12 championships, the college football playoff, issues with the Big 12 and much more.


Before we get to any of the Playoff nonsense, it's important to recognize what happened last night: the Baylor Bears became back-to-back Big 12 Champions.

Twitter Reacts: Baylor vs. KSU, Briles Goes to War

So I just got back to Dallas and have been up since about 7 AM, but am I ready to call it a day? NOPE.

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Art Briles on-field interview with Holly Rowe

Seems to imply there's a bit of bias toward brand-name schools, no? That can't be right...

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Coach Briles post-game audio about the Big 12 and CFB Playoff

Still working on video of all the various appearances.

Bears Down Wildcats for 2nd Straight Big 12 Title

We did it, folks. But the rest is out of our hands.

Baylor vs. K-State Second Half Thread

Join us for the second half!

Baylor vs. KSU -- Big 12 Championship Game Thread

Last regular season game of the year, Bears, can't hold anything back now.

Baylor Shows Up, Shows Out for ESPN CollegeGameday

Reliving one of the most entertaining mornings in Waco ever...

It's Time for College GameDay!

It's finally here. College GameDay has come to Waco, and we're talking about it right here!

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Baylor wearing chrome, black, black for Big 12 Championship vs. KSU


Baylor vs. Kansas State -- GAME DAY

I'm out the door in moments for ESPN College GameDay, because the time has finally come!

It's Mike Singletary

David Smoak of ESPN 1660 Central Texas just confirm that Mike Singletary will be the guest picker.

We Ask, They Answer: Q&A with Bring On The Cats

Jon Morse gives us the inside scoop on the 2014 Kansas State Wildcats

Podcast: Baylor Makes The Soul Happy

We're talking ESPN College GameDay, signs, Kansas State, and of course the College Football Playoff. Check it out. Broadcast live on December 4, 2014.

ROLL CALL! Baylor vs. K-State

Where will YOU be when you watch this game?

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Grantland looks at this weekend, CFB playoffs.

Baylor’s position is airtight: 'All else being equal: scoreboard.' If the committee continues to insist that TCU is the better team anyway — just, like, because — it will represent an egregious ...
Grantland's Matt Hinton
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ESPN College GameDay Overnight Guidelines

Straight from Baylor Student Activities

Leaving No Doubt: Big 12 Championship Hype Video

If this doesn't get your blood flowing for Saturday's game, I don't know what will.

Baylor vs. K-State Stats Preview

What F/+, FEI and S&P+ have to say about this Saturday's matchup with the Kansas State Wildcats

First Look: K-State Wildcats

Time to start taking a closer look at our final opponent of the regular season: The Kansas State Wildcats

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The ESPN GameDay site has been chosen

Should be a good location with the stadium looming large in the background and water on three sides.

At Baylor, We Play for Championships - Hype Video

Baylor vs. Kansas State hype video to get you psyched out for Saturday's game.

Baylor Opens As A 8.5 Point Favorite Over K-State

A little late, but the line is up now.

Meet the Press: Kansas State

Let's all watch Coach Art Briles' weekly press conference in advance of Kansas State and talk about it!

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College GameDay Signs Workshop

Let's get sign ideas flowing and then get them made!

GameDay Headed to Waco!

HUGE news just dropped: College GameDay coming to Waco!

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Baylor vs. Kansas State set for 6:45 PM on ESPN