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Halftime: Baylor 21, Kansas State 10 -- SNYDERBALL EVERYWHERE

You'd have a really hard time drawing up a better first half for Kansas State in this game, and an even harder time coming up with a worse one for our run defense. Daniel Sams can do one thing, and we apparently cannot stop it.

Brett Deering

It's going to be really interesting to see what Baylor does in the second half defensively to limit the "Daniel Sams runs the option" show we saw in the first half.  If this was a boxing match, they'd say the champ (Baylor) was cut.  Luckily, the offense seems to have stopped self-destructing through penalties and unforced errors, but we're in a street fight now.  We happen to have two of the best WRs in college football on the flanks, and they just make plays.


  • KSU gets the ball to open the second half.  I imagine Daniel Sams will be the one running the offense when they do.  Does Baylor load the box, like on the drives where we stopped him?  Or do we play passively, as we did initially?  Let's hope it's the former.
  • Where is the running game?  I understand that we had 6 total possessions in the first half, split evenly between punts and touchdowns.  We clearly decided, after the way the first quarter went, to speed things up through the air.  Still, we need to establish Lache Seastrunk on the ground in the second half.  This one is going to go the entire way, and he's a big part of what we do.
  • Third downs are killing us, offensively.  One was a drop by Antwan Goodley.  Two more were third downs that became fourth downs.  Still, 1-7 isn't getting it down.
  • DON'T. SLOW. DOWN. 2011 rears its ugly head.  We all remember it.  Baylor has to finish the job in the second half.

Scoring Summary

TD 10:33 Bryce Petty rush for 1 yard for a TOUCHDOWN. Aaron Jones extra point GOOD.
Drive info: 12 plays, 59 yds in 4:27
7 0
TD 14:57 Daniel Sams rush for 1 yard for a TOUCHDOWN. Jack Cantele extra point GOOD.
Drive info: 8 plays, 78 yds in 4:05
7 7
TD 8:55 Bryce Petty pass complete to Tevin Reese for 93 yards for a TOUCHDOWN. Aaron Jones extra point GOOD.
Drive info: 2 plays, 95 yds in 0:34
14 7
FG 2:29 Jack Cantele 24 yard field goal GOOD.
Drive info: 11 plays, 68 yds in 6:26
14 10
TD 1:51 Bryce Petty pass complete to Antwan Goodley for 72 yards for a TOUCHDOWN. Aaron Jones extra point GOOD.
Drive info: 2 plays, 73 yds in 0:38
21 10

Team Stat Comparison

1st Downs 9 11
3rd down efficiency
1-7 2-6
4th down efficiency
2-2 0-1
Total Yards 300 213
Passing 261 50
10-16 5-10
Yards per pass
16.3 5.0
Rushing 39 163
Rushing Attempts
18 27
Yards per rush
2.2 6.0
Penalties 4-35 2-16
Turnovers 0 0
Fumbles lost
0 0
Interceptions thrown
0 0
Possession 11:16 18:44