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GAME DAY vs. Kansas State -- Links, Notes, Week 7 CFB Viewing Guide

6.5 hours from now the Baylor Bears will take the field against the Kansas State Wildcats in Manhattan. I don't know about you, but I almost couldn't sleep from the excitement. Ok, that's a lie. I slept like a baby.

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Everything ODB and SB Nation about today's game between Baylor and KSU.

ODB Game Hub: Baylor Bears vs. Kansas State Wildcats 2013
Baylor vs. Kansas State Prediction Thread: Overwhelmingly Baylor
Stats Preview: Baylor vs. KSU Stats Comparison
First Look:
Kansas State Wildcats
TV Listings / Radio / Watch Parties: It's on FOX.
Podcast Episode 9: Kirobaito Saves the Day
SB Nation Preview: Pros, Cons, and Kansas State
Official Preview
: Outstanding stuff.
KSU Roster/Depth Chart: 2013 Roster, Depth Chart (from BOTC)
Baylor Game Notes: Depth Chart on page 11 of the .pdf
KSU'S SB Nation Blog: Bring On The Cats
Spread: Baylor -17.5 (Over: 72)
Weather Forecast: High of 73 for Saturday, 0% chance of rain (in Manhattan)
Uniforms: Gold/white/gold

Look out for the Week 7 CFB Open Thread in exactly three hours!

Links of Note:

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