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Baylor Bears vs. Kansas State Wildcats 2013

Art Briles Holds Court at Meet the Press for ISU

I don't normally do this on Monday evenings, but we don't have a lot going on before the Grades Report (later), and one stood out. I wanted it to get its due.

First Look: Kansas State Wildcats

Sorry for the late publish on this, but here's ODB's First Look at this week's opponent: the Kansas State Wildcats, lovingly referred to around these parts as the Snydercats.

Corey Coleman suspended for 1H vs. Iowa State

The Big 12 Conference, the same group that did not take any action against UT's Mike Davis for what was clearly a duty play two weeks ago, has decided to suspend Corey Coleman for a legal hit against Kansas State.

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Bill Snyder jokes about how to shut down Baylor

The Kansas State head coach jokes about his team's tough matchup this weekend.

The Morning After

So Baylor won another game yesterday to improve to 5-0 on the young season, but unlike past weeks, the internet didn't exactly freak out. The reaction today is much more subdued.

Baylor Survives against Kansas State in .GIFs!

Just ... thank goodness this game is over.

Thoughts on Baylor vs. KSU & Week 7 in the Big 12

Baylor improved to 3-0 in its last three games away from Floyd Casey Stadium today with a hard-fought win over the Kansas State Wildcats.

Baylor wins Bill Snyder Special 35-25 in Manhattan

I've written the promo sentence for this article 20 different times from the end of the third quarter, in 20 different ways. The bottom line: Baylor's game today was a perfect example of a win that can leave you with more questions than answers.

Halftime: Baylor 21, Kansas State 10 -- SNYDERBALL

You'd have a really hard time drawing up a better first half for Kansas State in this game, and an even harder time coming up with a worse one for our run defense. Daniel Sams can do one thing, and we apparently cannot stop it.

Baylor vs. KSU Game Thread

The Big 12 has already seen much more than its fair share of craziness today. You either love the action or hate the seemingly incomparable parity. But now it's Baylor's time to shine!

GAME DAY vs. KSU -- Links, Notes, Week 7 CFB TV

6.5 hours from now the Baylor Bears will take the field against the Kansas State Wildcats in Manhattan. I don't know about you, but I almost couldn't sleep from the excitement. Ok, that's a lie. I slept like a baby.

Featured Fanshot

Gold/white/gold for Kansas State

Thoughts on this?

Baylor vs. KSU TV Listings / Radio / Watch Parties

For the first time this season, the Baylor Bears will not be playing in front of a home crowd in Floyd Casey Stadium, instead taking their high-flying offensive act to Manhattan, Kansas to face Bill Snyder's Wildcats.

Baylor vs. KSU Preview/Prediction Thread/Poll

The Baylor Bears take on the revenge-minded Kansas State Wildcats this weekend in the first road test of the season. Will it be another blowout, with the offense clicking in ways we've never seen before? Or will it the SNYDERCATS pull a stunner?

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CBSSports Week 7 Picks
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Statmilk: Baylor vs. Kansas State

Baylor vs. KSU Statistical Comparison

Based off the numbers from FootballOutsiders, this week looks to be another where the Bears are heavily and rightfully favored to win. Kansas State

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Meet the Press: Kansas State

Quotes and video from today's press event leading up to the Kansas State game.