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Baylor Bears vs. Kansas State Wildcats 2012

Highlights and Drive Chart vs. Kansas State

Official highlight video from and a drive chart showing the Bears' dominating victory over the #1-ranked Kansas State Wildcats.

Seastrunk's 80-yard TD run

This is referred to in football circles as the "nail in the coffin." An outstanding run that we've been waiting for from Mr. Seastrunk.

Baylor vs. Kansas State Aftermath

Everything Bears vs. Wildcats as we sit in the afterglow of the biggest win in Baylor Football history. News, stats, and all the links you can imagine.

ESPN's "Highlight of the Night" is all Baylor

About a year ago we had a very similar situation occur in a very different game. The result was the same: Baylor fans storming the field with a win over a top-5 conference foe.

Baylor 52, #1 Kansas State 24!

For the second night in a row, the unthinkable happened for Baylor Athletics. This time, however, it was for the good as the Baylor Bears dominated the Kansas State Wildcats to the tune of 52-24. What an amazing night!

Halftime: Baylor 28, Kansas State 17

Basically everything that could go Baylor's way did, generally, from the first kickoff throughout. The offense has been incredible, the defense passable, and Baylor holds a double-digit lead over the #1 team in the country at the half. Unbelievable.

Baylor vs. Kansas State GDT

Baylor fans! My brothers of the claw! I would rather root beside you than any fanbase of millions! Let no man forget how menacing we are, we are Bears! Do you know what's waiting on that field? Immortality! Take it! It's yours!

This stream has:

Baylor vs. Kansas State Game Stream

Gold/black/gold vs. Kansas State. Thoughts?

We've never worn this particular combination before. Could be nice. Vote in the poll.

Baylor vs. Kansas State Prediction / Week 12 CFB

Cast your votes and let your opinion be known. Tell me how today's game is going to turn out and get information on everything SB Nation has to offer in coverage of Week 12.

Kansas State Preview Part II

Baylor has a chance, however small, to shift the entire landscape of college football this weekend. Hopefully the players and the fans are ready for tomorrow's nationally-televised game against the Kansas State Wildcats.

Statmilk Previews Baylor-KState

I had no idea Baylor was such a strong offensive team in the second half, to be honest with you. Hadn't looked at it closely enough.

A Letter From Coach Art Briles

This was sent to all students earlier this morning from the hands of Art Briles himself.

Kansas State Preview Part I: The Stats

The first part of the preview for this week's game between the #1-ranked Kansas State Wildcats and the Baylor Bears, which will take place this weekend in Waco, Texas.

Baylor vs. Kansas State PreVideo

The official preview video from and SicEmSports Productions.

A Quiet Confidence

This has the potential to be the success that makes you forget about, or at least reconsider, how bad the failures have been.

Featured Fanshot

Baylor-KSU the Davey O'Brien Matchup of the Week

Entirely for Nick Florence, I'm sure. Remember, fan voting counts as 5% of each voting period, so if you really want someone to win, like, say Nick Florence, or don't want someone else to win, like, say Johnny Manziel, then you should go vote!

First Look: Kansas State Wildcats

Everything you need to know about this Saturday's primetime matchup between the #1-ranked Kansas State Wildcats and the Baylor Bears, including television, tickets, statistics, and game previews.

#1 is coming to Waco

Baylor gets its chance to not only affect the national outlook but also make its mark on this year's Heisman race with Saturday's game against the new #1 team in college football: the Kansas State Wildcats.