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Homecoming vs. Kansas Set for 11 AM Kickoff on ESPN or ESPN2


Texas Tech v Baylor Photo by Richard Rodriguez/Getty Images

What could (should?) be a matchup of ranked teams next weekend, October 22, in Waco, Texas will kickoff at 11 AM on either ESPN or ESPN2, according to today’s release from the Big 12 Conference. From a tweet about it:

This looks like a fairly evenly distributed set of games where, frankly, an 11 AM kick is understandable, even if it means people have to hoof it over from on-campus activities to make it in time. I can’t argue with KSU at TCU taking the late slot (both are ranked), and UT at Oklahoma State should be a great afternoon game on ABC. Hopefully, Baylor will win its game on Thursday night, Kansas will take care of business against a reeling OU this weekend, and we get that ESPN slot for Homecoming!