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Baylor vs. Kansas Homecoming Game Set for 2:30 Kickoff on FS1

A somewhat lackluster Big 12 schedule on October 15 has given Bears fans exactly what they hoped for: an afternoon Homecoming game.

Baylor fans got two great pieces of news today, beginning with the announcement that Shock Linwood was named the Big 12 Offensive Player of the Week for his performance against Iowa State:

Even better than that, to some, is the announcement that the October 15 game against Kansas, which happens to be Baylor's Homecoming game, has been set for a 2:30 kickoff.  Considering the opponent, that's the best Bears fans could have hoped for in slotting right between the morning festivities, including the parade and everything else, and Pigskin that night.  I know even bringing Pigskin up could ruffle some feathers, but honestly, it means a lot to some people, so I'm glad they'll get to do that and go to the game, if they so choose.

Here's the full Big 12 slate that day:

Judging from that list, either Oklahoma State and TCU have weeks off or they've just decided not to play on TV.  I'm going with the former.