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You Asked, We...Found Somebody Else to Answer - Q&A with Rock Chalk Talk

Because this is less painful than actually watching Kansas games

Ed Zurga

In the Meet the Jayhawks post, Mark asked if there were any questions about Kansas for the bloggers over at SBN's  Kansas blog, Rock Chalk Talk. You asked, we...found somebody who actually cares about Kansas Jayhawk Football* in the person of Andy Mitts. Here you go!

*Warning: May contain actual football like substances.

Question 1:

What, if anything, do you think is the source of Kansas’s improved play in recent weeks besides Weis’s firing – or is that really all there is to it? - gjeffrey

There are a couple reasons. Firing Weis is good portion of that, only because it allowed the rest of the staff to actually adjust to what was going on.  Michael Cummings would never have taken over at QB if Weis was still here.  The other reason is that the competition has been much weaker.  Oklahoma State is in free fall, and Texas Tech has a wretched defense.  Even under Weis, we would probably have looked better the last two games.

Question 2:

Who are the playmakers on offense and defense that we should keep an eye on? And no, you can not just write Ben Heeney's name down 5 times. - Prashanth Francis

How about I throw Tony Pierson in there once and call it good?

Assuming he plays, Pierson is THE guy to watch on offense.  He is electric when he gets the ball with even just a little room to maneuver.  Other guys on offense are Corey Avery, who is putting together a spectacular season as a true freshman, and the Cummings / Jimmay Mundine connection, which had really been producing recently.  Nick Harwell has been pretty good too.

On defense, there is of course Ben Heeney, but his sidekick Jake Love is putting up solid numbers as well.  The entire secondary has been playing well this year when not being abandoned by the D-Line.

Question 3:

Is this guy gonna be at the game? I really hope so ’cause I want his autograph. -BearNTex

I wish I could say yes, since we need at least one fan in the building that can get excited for another blowout of the Jayhawks.  But honestly, if you find him, take a picture of him and tweet it to me (@mister__brain), because that is freaking awesome.

Question 4:

What are your thoughts on the red uniforms? - Matthew Tennant

Absolutely hate them. Red is everywhere in college sports, and I see no reason for us to try to blend in to everyone else.  Crimson comes first in our school song, but there is a reason Blue gets the emphasis.

Question 5:
What do you think their interim coach could possibly do to show he deserves the job? - Hill Country Bear
Who is your pick to coach the Jayhawks next? - J.A. Royce

Beat Baylor. I guess beating TCU or Kansas State or Oklahoma could have the same effect but in all reality, winning this weekend for sure gets him the job.  Later games may be too late.  As for my pick, I'm leaning towards someone like Ed Warinner or maybe Bob Stitt.  Although if he miraculously becomes available, Jim Harbaugh immediately jumps to the top of that list.

Finally, let's see if we can get a score prediction from a reasonable Kansas fan:

For my prediction, I'm already on record as saying 91-3 Baylor, but even if it isn't that bad, it still is going to be a romp for Baylor.  I can't see us getting any closer than 59-17.

Well then. That's...well, yes, that's something. Big thanks to Andy for answer all of the questions from Our Daily Bears members! Be sure to visit Rock Chalk Talk for all of your Kansas Jayhawk needs or maybe just to feel better about yourself and your football team.