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Baylor owns the State of Kansas after 59-14 whipping of the Jayhawks

The Baylor Bears are now 7-0 with another win on the road over a Big 12 team. They gained 700 yards again, put up nearly 60 points, and pulled the starters with 4:00 to go in the third quarter. Those are all great things.

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

Despite a second half that looked, at times, extremely sloppy on both sides of the ball, the Baylor Bears improved on their undefeated record this season with another dominant victory.  They outgained the Jayhawks by 400+ yards, held them scoreless while the starters were in the game, and won by 45.  There's even an argument to be made that the struggles with the backups could be a good thing; fighting complacency in a team that has rarely been challenged this season is key and the coaches will certainly have plenty to work with over the next ten days, what with the late fumbles, the defensive lapses, and what seemed like an overall sense of apathy in the fourth quarter of the game.  All that considered, it'd take a real piece of work to come up with something to complain about regarding the way this game unfolded.

I'm that piece of work.  When Baylor brought down the coaches at the start of the fourth quarter, it upset me because I thought it sent the wrong message to the players and team: that the coaches didn't care and neither should you.  I said as much on twitter and in the game thread.

I was wrong because I didn't know that's standard practice for the team in a game they're dominating.  I know that now, because more knowledgeable followers on twitter told me so.  Being wrong is the price I pay for saying something when I shouldn't have-- questioning once again when I should have been silent.

So I apologize to everyone here on ODB and on twitter for making a mountain out of less than a molehill.  Baylor blew out a Big 12 opponent tonight by 45 on the road, putting up the best performance, yardage-wise, in school history (on the road).  Somehow, that wasn't enough for me.

Maybe that's why the AD blocked me on twitter.

But here are the stats, anyway.

Major Contributors:

Bryce Petty: 20/32 for 430 yards (personal record) and 3 TDs.  Another TD rushing.
Lache Seastrunk: 13 carries for 109 yards and a TD. 
Tevin Reese: 4 catches for 110 yards and 2 TDs.

Team Stat Comparison

1st Downs 31 16
3rd down efficiency
8-14 8-22
4th down efficiency
0-1 0-2
Total Yards 743 308
Passing 437 154
21-38 11-33
Yards per pass
11.5 4.7
Rushing 306 154
Rushing Attempts
44 50
Yards per rush
7.0 3.1
Penalties 4-30 8-80
Turnovers 2 1
Fumbles lost
2 1
Interceptions thrown
0 0
Possession 21:56 37:53