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Baylor Homecoming Bonfire, Fireworks, Parade Canceled Due to Severe Weather

You should still go, if that's your thing, but ... be prepared to get really wet.

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

So, it appears that the Homecoming festivities this year are going to be severely abbreviated due to the likely onset of weather so serious the animals have already begun pairing up and looking for a man that probably didn't look anything like Russell Crowe.  From the Baylor Lariat, which is "enjoying" its own time in the Sun these days for reasons that we won't get into:

That's the shot.

That's slightly better, I guess.

At this time, Baylor hasn't announced anything with respect to the football game, which is still scheduled to kick off at 11 AM.  Weather reports put the likelihood of substantial rain pretty high basically throughout the day, though when I mention that people tend to respond with "well, there shouldn't be lightning!" based on ... I don't know what, actually. I'm looking at the weather forecast on Wunderground and seeing a lot of clouded lightning bolts, and that generally means lightning.

Assuming the game goes forward somehow, the impact of the weather on how the teams might play is unclear.  Most people tend to assume that rain means at least a tremendous emphasis on the run, or at most the abandonment of the pass altogether, but that wasn't really true against Oklahoma State last year.  Sure, the rain this time around might be more intense, or it might not.

We'll keep you guys posted on any additional developments with respect to Homecoming festivities or the game itself, should any be reported.

UPDATE: Baylor has released a statement about the Homecoming festivities. The pertinent portion about the game:

Football Game, #StripeMcLane

Rain or shine, the football game between the second-ranked Baylor Bears and the Iowa State Cyclones will kick off at 11 a.m. Saturday at McLane Stadium. Get your green and gold apparel (or rain ponchos!) and #StripeMcLane for the nationally televised game on ESPN. Find out what color your section will be wearing here. Remember, per stadium rules, no umbrellas are allowed in McLane Stadium.

I don't know if it's possible at this time, but they should really consider waiving the rules about umbrellas.