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Baylor Bears vs. Iowa State Cyclones 2015

Seth Russell's Season Is Over

Baylor confirming this afternoon what we've feared since Saturday afternoon: Seth Russell's season is finished. He will undergo season-ending neck surgery.

Baylor vs. Iowa State -- The Morning After

Wrapping things up from Baylor's rain-soaked Homecoming win over Iowa State yesterday at McLane Stadium.

Baylor Sleep Walks to 45-27 win over Iowa State

After getting up 35-0 in the second quarter, Baylor sleep-walked in the rain to an ugly 45-27 win over Iowa State.

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Watch Seth Russell pancake an ISU defender

He can do it all.

Halftime in Waco: Baylor leads Iowa State 35-7

The Cyclones started showing a few signs of life late as they completely abandoned the pass, but Baylor holds a 28-point halftime lead.

Baylor vs. Iowa State -- GAME THREAD

AT THIS TIME, the game is still scheduled to kick off in about an hour on ESPN. If that changes, you will be the first to know.

Baylor vs. Iowa State Preview / Prediction Thread

I thought I could just not do one, but I was wrong.

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Check out Baylor's Iowa State Hype Video

Strong to quite-strong.

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Baylor Announces White-Green-White for Homecoming vs. Iowa State


Baylor vs. Iowa State ROLL CALL


Podcast: Hurricane Homecoming!

There's a Hurricane about to hit Mexico. Torrential rainfall is headed to Waco. And, oh yeah, there are Cyclones headed this way. It's just a weather-filled podcast from start to finish!

Advanced Stats Preview: Iowa State!

Taking a look at how the advanced stats think this game will play out... Despite what the weather may have to say.

Baylor Homecoming Bonfire, Parade Canceled

You should still go, if that's your thing, but ... be prepared to get really wet.

ODB's "PREDICT THE SCORE" game - Iowa State


First Look: Iowa State Edition

We're a bit late, but it's time for our first look at the 2015 Iowa State Cyclones

Meet the Press: Iowa State

It's Homecoming Week! As usual, we're kicking off our coverage with the weekly Art Briles Press Conference. Come watch and discuss with us!

Baylor Opens at a Whopping -37 Versus Iowa State


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#StripeMcLane Color Assignments for Homecoming vs. Iowa State

Know your color!

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Baylor Homecoming vs. Iowa State Set for 11 AM Kickoff

Talk about your logistical nightmares. This will give Baylor 3 11 AM kickoffs in a row.