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Baylor vs. Iowa State Post-Game Presser

Baylor Head Coach Art Briles was effusive in his praise of QB Bryce Petty and the Baylor offense after a 49-28 win in Ames.

You can view a transcript of Briles' entire press conference here. My favorite part:

"The key tonight was our O-line. I think they did a really great job. No sacks on Petty tonight, we threw it 35 times in the first half. I thought Shock ran really tough and well and picked us up two big fourth downs, and he had a pretty good touchdown run. That's on the O-line also. I think Bryce is playing as well as anyone right now."

Baylor only had 2 negative rushing plays out of 47 rushing attempts and 0 sacks once again. Only one other school in the country can say they haven't allowed a sack yet this season, and it's New Mexico State. As many questions as we might have about our run blocking on the season as a whole, they've kept Bryce Petty and Seth Russell clean in the pocket. That, in turn, keeps them healthy and ready to contribute over the rest of the season.