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Quotes from Baylor's Meet the Press for Iowa State

I don't normally do this on Monday evenings, but we don't have a lot going on before the Grades Report (later), and one stood out. I wanted it to get its due.

Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

Say what you want about coachspeak, platitudes, whatever else-- I don't think this is that.  Briles was happy for the win, as he said he'd be before the game.

He remembers what happened a year ago.

I don't know if people really talked much about this at the time, but when Nick Florence beat out Petty for the job in the spring of 2012, there was talk Bryce might leave. That he didn't is a testament to his dedication to Baylor and the coaching staff's ability to sell him on his future here. Now he'll start for two years and get a great opportunity to rewrite the history books.

I'm not including everything here, just the quotes that jumped out as meaningful to me. After rewatching the game this afternoon, it became clear that having Glasco was absolutely huge in this game. We don't salt that last drive away without him, probably.

This one was the entire reason I made this post. I'm not positive he's quoting Game of Thrones, but I hope so. Of course, Spencer Hall of EDSBS has an alternate interpretation.

Also very possible.

In other words: WE WILL BREAK YOU.

Then Petty stepped up to the podium, followed by a few other Baylor players.

Petty uses this "family" idea often, and I think it's what eventually kept him here. He's earned this spot, as Briles said, and he's waited a long time. Now he's making his dreams come true.

You can view most of the money quotes through the link from, where they have much more info posted, as wellTevin Reese, Bryce Hager, Eddie Lackey, Ahmad Dixon, and Antwan Goodley are all quoted there and worth a read.  Check it out.