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Big 12 Suspends Corey Coleman for Unflagged Hit vs. Kansas State

The Big 12 Conference, the same group that did not take any action against UT's Mike Davis for what was clearly a duty play two weeks ago, has decided to suspend Corey Coleman for a legal hit against Kansas State.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Well, just when you thought the Big 12 Conference might have regained some semblance of sanity (but really, why did you think that?), the Conference announced that Corey Coleman will be suspended for the first half of the Baylor vs. Iowa State game this coming Saturday.

The play in question took place in the first half on Saturday, and involved Coleman throwing a block against a Kansas State DB.  The Conference has reviewed the play and apparently believes that targeting should have been called, because of course.  Mike Davis, who decided that one of ISU's defenders had three knee ligaments too many gets nothing.  Corey Coleman, throwing a legal block, gets suspended.

This makes all the sense in the world.

Here's a .gif of one view of the play in question.  Make your own conclusions.