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Baylor Bears vs. Iowa State Cyclones 2012

Final: Iowa State 35, Baylor 21.

The absolute worst-case scenario for the 2012 season is now upon us. Tonight's loss puts Baylor at 3-4 (0-4) with little, if any, chance to make a bowl.

Halftime: Iowa State 21, Baylor 14

In a first half stunningly marred by offensive ineptitude from both sides, the Baylor Bears enter halftime trailing Iowa State by a touchdown.

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Baylor vs. Iowa State Previews

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Baylor vs. Iowa State Game Stream

Baylor Bears vs. Iowa State Cyclones Game Thread

Start: Baylor 0, Iowa State 0 in Ames, Iowa.

Green/white/green vs. Iowa State

That's ... pretty much it.

Prediction Thread and Week 9 CFB

Make your predictions below by voting in the poll and check out everything from SB Nation for Week 9 in CFB.

ISU Preview Part III: Baylor O vs. ISU D

The final piece of the Iowa State puzzle focuses on Baylor's offense against Iowa State's defense.

Report: ISU LB Jake Knott OUT

One of ISU's best defensive players won't be taking the field tomorrow to help stop the high-flying Baylor offense.

Saturday Weather Forecast

The weather forecast for Ames, Iowa, for Saturday, October 27, 2012.

ISU Preview Part II: ISU O vs. Baylor D

Part II of the ISU preview looks at Baylor's weaker matchup, which is and potentially always will be with Art Briles at the helm the one involving the Unit Formerly Known As the Baylor Defense. The numbers here ... they're just awful.

Iowa State Preview Part I: 9 Cyclones to Know

The 9 most important Iowa State Cyclones that Baylor fans need to know going into Saturday's game. We've got QBs, RBs, WRs, and LBs on the list, which is weighted toward the offense since our defense is awful.

Updated Depth Charts vs. ISU

Defensive changes abound on Baylor's depth charts this week in preparation for the game Saturday evening against the Iowa State Cyclones.

VIDEO: Baylor vs. Iowa State Preview

Official Preview Video from

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Baylor Bears vs. Iowa State Cyclones

First Look: Baylor vs. Iowa State

Your first look at Saturday's game against the Iowa State Cyclones, including ticket information, television, statistics, rankings, and more.