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Highlights, Injury News from Baylor's Meet the Press Event for Buffalo

We finally got a good bit of injury news in today's Meet the Press event for the Buffalo Bulls.

Ronald Martinez

Baylor wrapped up its weekly press conference with Briles and several players a few minutes ago, and one of the big topics of discussion, in addition to some hilarious tangent I'm still trying to track down about waking up grandmas in the crowd, was our injury situation.

Rather than embed all the tweets here I've already retweeted, I'll summarize the latest injury news we've heard as of today with my take on what the program is feeling right now:

As far as I know, that's it.  I didn't include WRs Clay Fuller or Levi Norwood because they weren't in question.  Both are out for another couple of weeks, at least, with their probable returns looking like the game week against Iowa State.

From the video, which you can watch above, it sounds like Baylor understands the task ahead of it traveling across the country and isn't taking Buffalo lightly despite being heavily favored.  Hopefully that bears out, we get a few guys back, and the team takes another step forward moving into Big 12 play.  Just a reminder, we have a bye week before we play Iowa State two weeks from this Saturday.