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Baylor Bears vs. Buffalo Bulls Second Half Thread

After a 12-play opening drive, Baylor kicked things into gear, finishing with a 35-0 halftime lead.

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

In his return this week, Bryce Petty went 15/24 in the first half for 329 yards and 2 TDs.  One, an 89-yarder, went to freshman K.D. Cannon, who leads the team now with 5 receptions for 171 yards and the TD.  Jay Lee caught the other on a 34-yard pass on third down, and Johnny Jefferson and Shock Linwood have added 3 TDs on the ground.

Team Stat Comparison

1st Downs 16 4
3rd down efficiency
5-9 2-9
4th down efficiency
2-2 0-0
Total Yards 432 78
Passing 329 66
15-24 9-16
Yards per pass
13.7 4.1
Rushing 103 12
Rushing Attempts
24 14
Yards per rush
4.3 0.9
Penalties 3-20 5-34
Turnovers 0 0
Fumbles lost
0 0
Interceptions thrown
0 0
Possession 13:57 16:03

Things to watch in the second half:

  • How long Petty plays.  From the sound of Briles' interview, he's probably coming back out.
  • How well we run the football against a tired Buffalo defense.
  • How the defense plays down the stretch.  Holding Buffalo to 78 yards in the first half is good.  Can they keep up the heat?
  • Can we kick even a little bit?