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Iowa State v Texas Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images

Baylor heads to Austin to begin the second half of their 2016 season. You might have heard that there is some bad blood between these two programs. Needless to say, we’re all hyped/nervous for this game. Surprisingly, there is not an over/under for number of fights that break out in this game, but Vegas Insider does have a line for the score of the game. And, boy, is it narrow. Vegas had the Bears as two-point favorites in today’s opening lines, though that number has moved to Baylor -3.5 since then. For a 2:30 game in Austin, this is probably a pretty safe line. If Baylor plays to their potential, I think they can win this. Texas has that high-scoring offense though. Hold on and Hex Tex, y’all.

Other notable lines:

West Virginia at Oklahoma State (+1/+2.5)

Texas Tech at TCU (-9/-8.5)

Kansas at Oklahoma (-38/-38.5)

Clemson at Florida State (+2/+3)

Kansas State at Iowa State (+7/+6)

Nebraska at Wisconsin (-7/-7.5)