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Meet the Press: TCU Edition

Monday means press conferences and calls with coaches. We're talking about all of it here!

Tom Pennington/Getty Images

MONDAY! THANKSGIVING! TCU! It's all of those things this week and more. The Bears are coming off that massive win in Stillwater over Oklahoma State, while TCU is coming off a very close loss to Oklahoma, where they failed to score the go-ahead 2-point conversion (and opted not to play of OT) in the closing minutes of the game. But, we're past that now, and we're looking ahead to the game on Friday!

Coaches Teleconference

First up was the weekly Big 12 coaches conference call. Briles was up at 11:00 a.m. Only a couple of snippets from the conference, as it was pretty short and sweet. The big one, though:

Briles wasn't sure whether it was tibia or fibula. He listed Stidham as "questionable." I'm guessing he'll be a game-time decision, whether realistically or otherwise. On the other side of the field, there's this from Patterson regarding Boykin's status:

For all we know, both quarterbacks could be 100% healthy or laid up in adjacent hospital rooms, and we'll never know one way or the other. I don't expect we'll hear a "go/no go" on either before Thursday at the earliest. There was also this one:

Only one other note from the conference call for Briles... This doesn't surprise me, but it strikes me as humorous:

#NotaRivalry. I guess I'll throw this in here too:

Twitter Accounts!

As usual, here are the feeds for the TCU and Baylor twitter accounts, starting with the TCU feed:

Well, Twitter's widgets page went all wonky on me, so I tried to copy the TCU one and make it the feed for the Baylor account... to no avail, apparently. For whatever reason, I can't get into my Twitter Widgets now. So... Sorry about that.

Weekly Presser Set for 1:00 p.m.

Briles will take the stage at 1pm, as per his usual custom. I highly doubt anyone will ask him about his cake-baking abilities, which is unsurprising, yet slightly disappointing at the same time. Here's the tweet with the link in it. Click the link, make sure the player loads, then come back and hang here and talk about what Briles says!