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Robert Griffin III Statue Vandalized With Purple Spray Paint

The RG3 Statue at McLane Stadium was vandalized with purple spray paint, apparently by TCU fans.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

The anticipation for November 27 just ratcheted up a notch or twelve. Tweets surfaced this afternoon of the Robert Griffin III statue in front of McLane Stadium sporting a fresh coat of purple spray paint, leading everyone to conclude that the statue had been vandalized by some unruly TCU fans. Whether it was actually GODLESS HEATHENS TCU fans that did the deed or not we may never know, but that hasn't stopped everyone from making that assumption, including the mothership. Here's the tweet by Hunter Mandel, who apparently discovered the defacing:

Naturally, vandalizing the statue of the greatest player in program history prompted some pretty strong responses, ranging from mapped routes to TCU's campus, the speculation of nothing on TCU's campus being worthy of retaliation, and some other pretty spectacular responses. Here are just a few:

And my personal favorite, a seemingly innocent throwback thursday tweet by BaylorVisionHD: